The grappa barricades Cavalin

Our grappa, depending on the variety of origin and the characteristics of the product are barricades or refined only in French oak barrels of Limousine.

For our Grappa Gran Riserva maturation of the product occurs in many years in the same barrel while the barricades and aging in barrel we use the well-known system soleras, or for a Grappa barricade of two years left to rest the product 8 months in new barrels of medium toasted, 8 months in barrels, second-hand, and the last months of aging in barrels of three years of production.

This ensures our products continuity in character and taste for different production lots. For special productions such as Grappa of Gewürztraminer, we use cherry wood barrels, wood that has a lower yield in the final product, but that is more delicate details in the release of aromatic compounds, which are decisive for the balance of the final product.