Alcohol: 25% vol.
Black Drop is a delicious liqueur made with pure liquorice combining health and pleasure, obtained in full respect of tradition, using as a basis a natural extract of the highest quality.
Since ancient times they were known the healing properties and the beneficial virtues of licorice, which was used as a remedy for coughs and respiratory diseases and profited In addition, the digestion .
The part used is the root of the licorice that are carefully selected by the expert eye of
indispensable craftsmen who then work combining the high quality of the raw material with the experience and tradition. The extract thus obtained is added alcohol and sugar, giving rise to Drop Black liquor. Then the product requires a rest period of at least 30 days before being bottled: This rest gives the Black Drop the true taste of licorice and natural, which allows him to be a unique liqueur, fine quality suitable to successfully conclude each meal or simply consumed in the company.

Serving temperature: Serve and consume preferably cold
Available Sizes: 500ml