The Absinthium 69 ° is a liqueur with a high alcohol content 69 °, which comes in emerald green color obtained from the original recipe 800, using the Artemisia Absinthium (a plant that grows naturally in most of Europe and particularly in Italy) of first quality, through a slow alcoholic infusion, manages to convey all the features and medicinal properties typical of absinthe, which is slightly bitter aftertaste noticeable.

Color: bright green
Perfume: anise and wormwood
Taste: anise, with a hint of absinthe

Size: 0,100 l | l 0,500
Alcohol: 69% vol.

Mode of consumption:

Smooth: you drink directly serving it in a shot glass
French: is the riturale classic. It pours into the glass a dose of absinthe, leans a special spoon, pierced with a sugar cube on it and it drips ice water (5 parts per 1 absinthe) on sugar to dilute it gently. The absinthe drinking in this way, it remains fresh and with a sweet taste at the right point. After slipping the sugar in the bottom of the glass you have to shake a little ‘and sip slowly.
Flambé or bohemian: first of all you put the spoon above the glass with sugar, pour the absinthe wetting the sugar cube and then bring it closer to the liquor. Without this ignites the cube so that the sugar caramels fire that ignites dripping even absinthe. Done caramelize for about fifteen seconds will turn off the fire and lengthens the mixture with water. This method makes the absinthe warm and intoxicating.

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