Passion for grappa

Cavalin is an entirely family (father and son) founded after the war by Gianluigi Cavalin. Playing the best new trends, the modern canons of taste and the moments of consumption, has focused its production in search of delicate flavors and lovable through a special distillation technique solely with the discontinuous method of marc of the great local vineyards and subsequently aged according to a method (only for grappa) learned from the owner of the cognac distilleries.

Grappa with honors

Numerous awards at national and international level. The most important ISW (internationaler spirits competition) for “IN Grappa di Amarone Barrique” awarded the gold medal. 13 certificates since 2006.


Land of traditions

Les Terroirs

The origins of the raw materials used are “terroir” (local micro-zones) where grapes and fruit assimilate features special taste and aroma. The circle is tight around some valleys of Veneto and Trentino selected for the special affinity, geology-climate-plant.


hystory of tradition

I’m Valerio Cavalin, master distiller distillery of the same name Cavalin. I have a passion for this craft to my father, Gian Luigi Cavalin, who walked to the profession of distiller distiller in the early postwar years.Even today, after so many years after its foundation, I like to hear him tell of his past experiences, and to see my children listen with attention and admiration.